What equipment is needed for palm oil fractionation?

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Palm olein and palm stearin are products obtained by fractionating palm oil at a certain temperature. Therefore, using palm oil fractionation equipment can separate palm oil into two parts by controlling the cooling and crystallization process of palm oil, low melting point liquid phase (olein) and high melting point solid phase (stearin).

700棕榈油分提车间.jpgPalm oil fractionation plant

Due to different geographical locations, different countries have different temperature requirements for palm oil fractionation. There are three common palm oil fractionation temperatures: 18°C, 24°C and 36°C, which mainly need the following equipment.

1. One heating tank, two cooling crystallization tanks. There is a thermal oil heating coil in the heating tank, and a cooling water coil in the cooling crystallization tank. The cooling crystallization tank is equipped with a stirrer to ensure that the cooling crystallization process is carried out evenly.

700-393冷却结晶工段.jpgCooling crystallization tanks

2. Plate filter is used to separate palm soft butter from hard fat. What comes out of the strainer is palm soft fat, which can be poured directly into the soft fat jar. The palm stearin taken from the middle of the filter plate is melted in the lower stearin tank and poured into the stearin tank.

750棕榈油分提过滤部分.jpgPlate filter machine

3. One set of air compressor. It is used to generate compressed air to remove remaining soft fat from hard fat.

4. One set of air cooling system is used to make cooling water for cooling crystallization tanks.

750棕榈油分提凉水罐.jpgCooling water part

If you need greater processing capacity, or have any major requirements, Henan Glory Oil’s engineers can adjust supporting equipment for you according to your requirements. For example, the cooling system can use air cooling system or water cooling system, each system has its own advantages, you can choose by yourself.

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