Palm oil refinery process pdf

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palm oil refinery process pdf Palm oil refinery process pdf

Refining is an essential process for a complete palm oil production line because there are still some impurities such as phospholipids, FFA, pigment, odor, etc. in the crude palm oil. In order to increase the stability and improve the nutritional properties of crude palm oil it is necessary to treat the oil by a series of processes, that are collectively known as refining. The palm oil refinery process contains degumming process, neutralizing process(deacidification process), bleaching process and deodorizing process. The refined palm oil has high quality and is good for long time storage.

palm oil refinery plant Palm oil refinery plant can refine various kinds of crude edible oil

Features advantages of palm oil refinery process machinery:

1. Customized capacity. We customize plant as per your requirement for the capacity.

2. Flexible usage. The plant can work independently or together with whole palm oil production line.

Palm Oil Refinery Process Craft flow:

crude palm oil → degumming&dephosphorization → deacidification → drying → decolorization → deodorization → Refined palm oil

palm oil refinery process Palm oil refinery process flow chart

Advantages of palm oil refinery craft:

1.After refining the impurity of oil must be less than 0.2% ;

2.Recycling system save power and money;

3.Lower oil waste.

Palm oil refinery process pdf introduction:

A.Degumming section: This is the most important section of hydrate de-gumming, adding the water (there is a little P-acid in water) to remove the gum.

B.Deacidification section:Using alkali like (NaOH) to neutralize FFA in oil, during this process it will produce soapstock , then separating it from the oil.

palm oil refinery plant Batch type palm oil refinery plant

C.Decolorization Section: Because there is pigment in crude oil, the oil color is dark. In order to improve oil color, we need to using the active clay to absorb the pigment away , then using vibrating filter to separate the waste clay. If you want to get light color oil, you need to add more active clay. the oil color can be control led by clay amount.

palm oil refinery plant Palm oil refinery plant- decolorization machine

D.Deodorization and Dehydration section: General speaking , the crude oil smells not good, it will affect of oil storge and selling prices. So we usually use the direct steam to take odors. At the meanwhile,there is about 0.5% water content in refined oil, because the high temperature in the deodorization pot, dehydration is also finished. After that, the final oil will be refined once again through bag type filter.

palm oil refinery plantPalm oil refinery plant -deodorization machine

E. Vacuum system: This parts is connected with the dehydration part , it is used for creating the vacuum for the de-colorzation and deodorization parts.

vacuum system Vacuum system of palm oil refinery plant

F. Heating system. Because in the whole palm oil refinery process, it is required high temperature. We will use the heat conduction oil stove to supply the heat to whole palm oil refining line.

heating system of palm oil refinery plant Heating system of palm oil refinery plant

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