How do you refine crude palm oil?

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As one of the three largest vegetable oils in the world, palm oil has a particularly large demand worldwide. In order to meet edible standards, crude palm oil needs to go through a series of processes. It mainly includes four steps of degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. During the entire palm oil refining process, due to different process requirements, the machine materials used are different. In order to let everyone better understand the process and machine requirements of palm oil refining, will be analyzed and explained from the following two parts.

Palm oil refining process.jpgPalm oil refining process

Part one: palm oil refining process

Palm oil Degumming & Deacidification

Because these two palm oil refining processes are carried out in one machine (alkali kettle), we will introduce them together. After the crude palm oil enters the alkali refining pot, hot water of about 80°C is added to react with the phospholipid molecules in the oil to form micelles, which are precipitated and discharged to achieve the purpose of degumming. Then a mixture of water and edible alkali and free fatty acids in the oil are added. React, precipitate and generate soap stock, which is discharged to achieve the purpose of deacidification. The settling time of each section is 6-8 hours.

Palm oil refining methods.jpgPalm oil refining methods

Palm oil Decolorization & Deodorization

Then comes to decolorization process. The crude oil after deacidification and degumming enters the decolorization pot, and adsorbable clay is added to the pot. After about 30 minutes of adsorption, the oil will flow into the blade filter, and the clay inside will be filtered out, and you will get Remove the hair oil after depigmentation. Finally, the crude oil flows into the deodorization pot. By raising the temperature in the pot to about 260°C, the high temperature evaporates the odor and moisture in the oil, thereby achieving the purpose of deodorization.

In order to obtain high-quality refined palm oil, in addition to conventional operating techniques and normal-quality crude palm oil, high-quality palm oil refining machine are also essential. We produce three different types of palm oil refining machine for different palm oil processing volumes.

Palm oil refining machine.jpgPalm oil refining machine

Part two: palm oil refining machine

Type 1: Batch palm oil refining machine

Batch palm oil refining machine is suitable for ≤20tpd, small cost, machine covers less area, convenient operation, suitable for a variety of oil flexible replacement, and also includes four refining machine sections. 0.5-2tpd can be refined by electric heating, all stainless steel material, low cost; 2-20tpd can use heat conduction oil refining.

Type 2: Semi-continuous palm oil refining machine

Semi-continuous palm oil refining machine is applicable to 5-30tpd. In the semi-continuous palm oil refining process, degumming, deacidification and decolorizationare carried out in batches, while deodorization is fully continuous. Semi-continuous palm oil refining process not only ensures the effect and efficiency of crude oil refining, but also reduces the investment budget of palm oil refining.

Palm oil refining equipment prototype.jpgPalm oil refining equipment prototype

Type 3: Continuous palm oil refining machine

Continuous palm oil refining machine is suitable for 30TPD or more, production automation degree is high, finished product oil quality is good. It can complete the process operation of egumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization, and adopts electronic metering, high-speed centrifuge desoiling, vacuum (continuous) drying and other excellent technologies. It is mainly used for the refining and processing of rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, linseed oil and other vegetable oils and lard, butter, wool oil and other animal fats produced by pre-press leaching and single leaching process.

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