Is it a profitable business to set up palm oil refining plant?

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The palm oil industry is a significant player in the global market. Palm oil not only has high nutritional value, but also has many uses. Analyzing from three aspects: market demand, raw material supply and production cost, it is a profitable business to set up palm oil refining plant. Next I will analyze it one by one for you.

1、Market Demand:

Palm oil is one of the vegetable oil varieties with the largest production, consumption and international trade volume in the world. With a steadily increasing global population and changing consumption patterns, the demand for palm oil has been on the rise. This trend is expected to continue, making it a lucrative opportunity for those looking to enter the market.

The picture of palm fruit trees.jpgThe picture of palm fruit trees

2、Raw Material Supply:

Palm oil is predominantly sourced from palm trees, which require specific climate conditions to thrive. Countries in Southeast Asia and parts of Africa have ideal conditions for palm trees cultivation. If palm oil refining plant is set up in or near these regions, the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of raw materials could contribute significantly to the profitability of the business.

3、Production Cost:

Production costs include two types, namely raw material costs and palm oil refining machine costs. First, having sufficient raw materials is the first step to opening a palm oil refining plant. Only by ensuring the continuous supply of raw materials can the overall operation be more efficient and profitable. Secondly, there is a need for suitable palm oil refining machine. Henan Glory Company is a professional palm oil refining machine manufacturer that not only provides you with low-price, high-quality equipment customization services, but also designs and configures palm oil refining machine based on your processing capabilities and investment budget. No matter what your budget is, there will be the right machine to help you get started in this business.

Three different types of palm oil refining machine.jpgThree different types of palm oil refining machine

The palm oil refining machines provided by Henan Glory Company includes the following three types:

(1)Batch type palm oil refining machines:

If you are a small palm oil producer or your production capacity is limited, you can choose batch type palm oil refining machines, these machines can handle less than 20 tons. The advantage of these machines are simple operation, less investment, suitable for a variety of oil frequently replaced.

(2)Semi-continuous palm oil refining machines:

If your total palm oil is 5-30 tons, you can choose semi-continuous palm oil refining machines , the front of the degumming, decolorization for batch type production, deacidification and deodorization using continuous production.

(3)Full continuous palm oil refining machines:

If your total amount of palm oil exceeds 30 tons, you can use a fully continuous palm oil refining machine. The fully continuous palm oil refining machine is specially designed for large-scale palm oil production. These machines have higher processing capabilities and can handle large volumes of crude palm oil. The continuous production of each section of the fully continuous palm oil refining machines have the characteristics of low production consumption, low oil loss and good quality of refined oil.

Small scale palm oil refining plant.jpgSmall scale palm oil refining plant

The above is the analysis of establishing a palm oil refining plant based on market demand, raw material supply and production costs. It is indeed a profitable business. If you have plans to set up palm oil refining plant, welcome to contact Henan Glory Company, which has been committed to this industry for more than ten years. They have extensive experience in edible oil processing machinery manufacturing and equipment installation. In addition, their professional team of engineers can also customize the most suitable palm oil processing machinery and processing solutions for you to help you seize the promising market!

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