What tools are used in cpo refinery process?

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Palm oil is the main raw material of the global edible oil market, and it is divided into cpo and refined palm oil. There are many customers who are concerned about how to turn cpo into refined palm oil. The process of converting cpo into refined palm oil is called cpo refinery process. The cpo refinery process involves many tools designed to remove impurities and contaminants. The following is an overview of the tools used in the cpo refinery process:

1.Filtration machine:

Filtration machine is usually the tool used in palm oil processing process to remove particulate impurities from palm oil.

2.Degumming machine:

Degumming machine is the first tool used in cpo refinery process. Pumping cpo into oil refinery tank, stirring quickly, and simultaneously heating by steam or heat-transfer oil(in coiled heater). Then add some hot water to remove phospholipid in cpo. But during palm oil degumming process, you should control the water amount, temperature and water adding speed. If phospholipid lasts long suspended in oil, which is hard to gather to make flocculent precipitate. We can rise up the speed of adding water, conversely slow down. Then we can remove the gums in the cpo by precipitation.

Palm oil degumming and deacidification machines.jpgPalm oil degumming and deacidification machines

3.Deacidification machine:

Deacidification machine is usually the tool used in cpo refinery process to remove free fatty acids from cpo. We usually add the food grade alkaline to the degummed oil for acid-base neutralization reaction to remove the free fatty acids, and then remove the soapstock by heating and natural sedimentation. For the batch type and semi-continuous type cpo refinery machine , we will adopt precipitation separation method, as for continuous cpo refinery machine, we will adopt centrifuge separation method.

4.Decolorization machine:

Decolorization machine is usually the tool used in cpo refinery process to remove impurities such as pigments, metals, and residual soap from the palm oil. Inhale definite amount of decoloring agent(white clay or acticarbon)into the refined palm oil, continuously stirring and heating for a period of time. After that, pump the mixture of oil and white clay into filter to separate oil and waste white clay.

Palm oil decolorization machine.jpgPalm oil decolorization machine

5.Deodorization machine:

Deodorization machine is the final tool used in cpo refinery process, where odors and flavors are removed from the palm oil. It refers to pump decolorized palm oil into deodorization tank, when oil temperature reaches above100℃, injecting the direct steam to take the odors away.

Palm oil deodorization machine.jpgPalm oil deodorization machine

6.Fractionation machine:

Fractionation machine is a very important tool used in cpo refinery process. Before this step, we have get edible palm oil. If not for special usage, this machine could be cancelled in cpo refinery process.

Overall, these tools play a crucial role in the cpo refinery process, ensuring that the final product meets quality standards and is suitable for various applications in the food and cosmetic industries. If you have any questions about cpo refinery process technology or cpo refinery machine and want to communicate with our engineers, welcome to contact Henan Glory Company.

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