How to obtain RBD palm oil? what process do we need?

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Many people are interested in palm oil refinery business and want to get RBD palm oil. But how to obtain RBD palm oil? And what process do we need? Here, Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd will take you learn about the whole process of palm oil refinery.

Why is palm oil refinery plant necessary to obtain RBD palm oil?

Generally speaking, after palm oil press process, we will get the crude palm oil. But the quality of palm oil is not very good. If we want to get more cleaner edible palm oil, the palm oil refinery plant is essential, because the palm oil refinery plant can remove some unwanted, harmful impurities in crude palm oil, like: phospholipid, FFA, pigment, odor, etc. In other words, the palm oil refinery plant can through the four process, degumming, deacidification, decoloration and deodorization to ensure that the edible palm oil has a stable performance and a better color and flavor.

palm oil refinery plantSmall scale palm oil refinery plant

How to obtain RBD palm oil step by step? What process do we need?

Palm oil refinery plant is the most important condition to obtain RBD palm oil. But as for palm oil refinery plant, we have three types, there are batch type, semi-continuous type, fully continuous type. As an experienced palm oil refinery plant manufacturer and supplier, Henan Glory will recommend you the suitable and favorable machine according to your different capacity and requirement. Next we will take the batch type palm oil refinery plant as an example to tell you how to obtain RBD palm oil step by step?

Palm oil refinery process is as follows:

palm oil refinery processChemical refining process and physical refining process of palm oil

Degumming step: There are some phospholipid, gum, and protein in crude palm oil, they can be dissolved into oil when there is no water, but once there is water in oil, these impurity can be dissolved into water. So, in degumming section, we use the hot water to wash crude oil for two-three times to make phospholipid condenses and reduces colloid, then discharge these impurity out.

Deacidification step: During palm oil deacidification process, we mainly add some chemical materials(alkali liquor) for removing the acid materials, then open the below valve release the soapstock. Through the above two steps, we can get refined palm oil.

Remark: If the FFA in crude palm oil is high, we will lost much oil and get much soapstock, this materials can make further process for producing soap, cosmetic, etc.

Decolorization step: In this step, we usually using White Clay to adsorb the pigments, then using leaf filter to filter the waste white clay to get refined bleached palm oil. (Palm oil decolorization step usually need 25mins, temperature requirements around 105-110 Celsius. )

Deodorization step: This step have high temperature requirement , around 260 Celsius, based on very high temperature, steam removes oxidation number, aldehydes, and ketones, and take off some of the acid, and the smell will also be evaporated. So up to this step, we will get RBD palm oil( Refined bleached deodorization palm oil).

palm oil refinery plantHenan Glory Company can supply different type of palm oil refinery plant

Palm oil refinery plant is one of our main products, besides that, we will also supply other palm oil processing machine, like palm oil extraction machine, palm oil fractionation plant, palm oil press machine and so on. No matter what kinds of palm oil processing business do you want to start, Henan Glory Company all can supply you the most suitable suggestion about your palm oil refinery plant and other palm oil processing business.

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