What is the operation process of refining CPO to RBD palm oil? What refining processes are included?

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In general, the entire palm oil refining process includes four steps of degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. After these detailed operation processes, we can easily refine CPO to RBD palm oil. In order to let everyone better understand the process and equipment requirements of palm oil refining, Henan Glory Company specially summarized the following content.

The detailed operation process of refining palm oil:

palm oil refining processPalm oil refining process( from cpo to rbd palm oil)

The first is our degumming and deacidification process, because these two processes are carried out in one machine (refining tank), so they are introduced together. After the crude oil enters the refining tank, add hot water at about 80 ℃, react with the phospholipid molecules in the oil to form micelles, precipitate and discharge to achieve the purpose of degumming, and then add the mixture of water and edible alkali to remove the free fatty acids in the oil. After reaction, soapstock is formed after precipitation, which is discharged to achieve the purpose of deacidification. The precipitation time of each section is 6-8h. Through these two refining steps, we can get refined palm oil.

Then there is our decolorization process. The refined palm oil after deacidification and degumming enters the decolorization pot, and the adsorbable clay is added to the pot. After about 30 minutes of adsorption, the oil will flow into the leaf filter, and the clay inside will be filtered out to get Refined decolorized palm oil.

And then, the refined decolorized palm oil flows into the deodorization pot, and the temperature in the pot is raised to about 260 ° C, and the high temperature makes the odor and water in the oil evaporate, so as to achieve the purpose of deodorization.

Finally, in order to prevent the oil from being oxidized at high temperature in the air, it is necessary to lower the oil temperature to about 60°C in the deodorization pot, and then transport the refined decolorized deodorized palm oil to the tanker.

There is no easier way for customers to understand the entire refining process of palm oil than a relevant video, so let's watch 1-10tpd palm oil refining machine 3D work flow video.

How does Henan Glory Company's palm oil refining equipment ensure that customers get higher quality palm oil?

In order to obtain high-quality RBD palm oil, in addition to conventional operating techniques and normal-quality crude palm oil, high-quality palm oil refining machinery is also essential. Therefore, with the joint efforts of our company's engineers and skilled workers, the quality and efficiency of our refining equipment are remarkable. Our palm oil refining machines use state-of-the-art CE and ISO9001 certified edible oil refining technology to obtain refined oils with high purity and high oil yield.

As far as our heating coils are concerned, since the heat transfer oil needs to be transported inside, all the heating coils of our palm oil refining machine are seamless pipes, which avoids the heat transfer oil from penetrating into the crude oil and causing the pollution of the crude oil. And our heat transfer oil furnace can use various fuels, such as natural gas, firewood, gas, etc., to meet different customer needs. In addition, the decolorization and deodorization sections need to be carried out in a vacuum environment, so we specially configure a water jet vacuum pump to provide a vacuum environment for these two boilers to achieve high efficiency and high quality production. There is also our leaf filter, which can be cleaned automatically, which saves the time and cost of manual cleaning to a certain extent. Finally, our deodorizing pot is made of stainless steel as a whole to avoid the use of carbon steel to generate harmful substances-manganese when exposed to high temperature. In addition, we also have a prototype of 2tpd small scale palm oil refining equipment in our factory, you are welcome to visit our factory and buy.

palm oil refining machineDifferent types of palm oil refining machine

As a palm oil refining equipment manufacturer with rich production and installation experience, Henan Glory Company able to provide customers with the most affordable palm oil refining machine solutions, including scheme design, equipment manufacture, equipment installation-debugging, as well as quality assurance and reliable service. If you want to set up a successful palm oil refinery plant to produce vegetable oil, welcome to contact us at any time.

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