How can I purify crude palm oil? What is the purification process?

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In order to obtain standard vegetable oil, harmful impurities need to be removed from the crude palm oil, which requires purifying the crude palm oil. Palm oil refining machine can be used to purify crude palm oil, and the crude palm oil purification processes mainly includes four process steps: hydration degumming, alkali refining deacidification, adsorption decolorization and high temperature deodorization.

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palm oil purification processCrude palm oil purification processes: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization

Hydration degumming is to separate the peptizing impurities in the crude oil. Its working principle utilizes the hydrophilicity of peptized impurities to add an appropriate amount of warm water to the crude oil and stir to make it absorb water and aggregate into agglomerates.

Notice: For edible oils with higher gum content, the hydration degumming method is adopted; for edible oils with low gum content, the dry degumming method is better.

Alkali refining deacidification is to separate the free fatty acids in the crude oil, reduce the acid value of the oil, and avoid rancidity of the oil during long-term storage. Using the principle of acid-base neutralization, add an appropriate amount of stirring to the crude oil to make it react to form saponins. After precipitation and washing, the free fatty acids in the crude oil can be fully separated, and the acid value can be controlled within an appropriate range.

Notice: Alkali refining deacidification belongs to chemical refining of cooking oil, which is the most widely used cooking oil refining method, especially in small scale palm oil refinery plant. But in medium and large sized palm oil refinery plant, physical deacidification is also an option, which uses the principle of high temperature distillation to remove acid.

palm oil refining machinePalm oil degumming and deacidication machine

Adsorption decolorization is to separate the pigments contained in the crude oil, some of which are carried by the oil itself, and some new pigments produced in the production. Activated clay is usually used for adsorption and decolorization. Activated clay has strong adsorption capacity and can adsorb a variety of pigments and small molecular impurities. Palm oil decolorization process can lighten the color of the oil and increase the value of the oil.

palm oil refining machinePalm oil decolorization machine

High temperature deodorization is to separate the odorous substances in the crude oil and improve the flavor and taste of the oil. Steam is introduced into the crude oil under vacuum conditions, and the unpleasant odor in the crude oil is separated by utilizing the different volatility of grease and odorous substances.

palm oil refining machinePalm oil deodorization machine

In order to meet different crude palm oil purification needs, Henan Glory Company provides three types of palm oil refining machine for people to choose: batch refining equipment, semi-continuous refining equipment and full continuous refining equipment. You can tell us your processing capacity and needs, our engineers can customize a suitable crude palm oil purification solutions for you, and provide you with excellent palm oil refining machine.

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