How does the palm oil refinery plant work?

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Palm oil refinery is the further processing of the red palm oil(also called crude palm oil), which includes degumming, deacidifcication, decolorization/bleaching and deodorization. After that, you can get clean and pure RBD palm oil. Today we mainly introduce for you how does the palm oil refinery plant work.

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Palm oil refinery plant work process:

palm oil refinery plant Palm oil refinery plant process flowchart

To better understand the processing steps of palm oil refinery plant, you should read the following carefully.

First step is called degumming, which is to remove the gums in the crude palm oil. And we have two type methods for palm oil degumming, since it contains only small part of gums, for small capacity, you can add some hot water to remove it, and for large scale and continuous type palm oil refinery plant, we adopt dry type degumming method.

Second is the most important step: deacidification, means remove the FFA from the crude palm oil. During palm oil deacidification process, there are two kinds of refining methods to remove the FFA, they are chemical refining and physical refining. Chemical type is by adding alkali to neutralize with acid, while physical is by using high temperature steam to remove the acid.

palm oil refinery plant Palm oil degumming and deacidification equipment

Third is declorization, which is also called bleaching. We add the white clay to absorb the colors away, and then filtrate the waste clay to get decolorized palm oil. The amount of bleaching earth depends on your crude oil color and your requirement for the final oil.

palm oil refinery plant Palm oil decolorization equipment

Last step is deodorization, since palm oil contains some bad smell not welcome by consumers, so it is better to use steam to remove it. For deodorization part, all the machines are stainless steel, because it is under high temperature so that it is healthy for human consumption.

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palm oil refinery plantPalm oil deodorization equipment

Above is the complete process of the palm oil refinery plant, but it is only the simple introduction of palm oil refinery plant work process. More information about palm oil refinery plant, welcome to contact Henan Doing Company. Our professional engineers can help you design and install palm oil refinery plant projects according to your capacity and requirements.

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