What is the purpose of cooking oil refining? Why do we refine the cooking oil?

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Cooking oil refining process aims to remove impurities in the crude cooking oil and to purify the crude cooking oil to get high quality cooking oil. The impurities not only affect the quality of oil, not good for storage but also contain some harmful substance linked with cancer. These impurities include free fatty acids, glue, peroxide, water, and cake residue in pancakes and so on. Through cooking oil refining process, the purified cooking oil would meet the standard of country’s cooking oil and could be sold in the market.

cooking oil refining machineCooking oil refining machines

Why do we refine the crude oil? The following are the four reasons why the cooking oil refining process is necessary.

1. Refined cooking oil is conducive to storage and is not easy for rancidity.

On the one hand, the free fatty acid in the crude cooking oil affects the quality of the oil, which is harmful to human health. On the other hand, the free fatty acid is the main substance that causes rancidity of the edible oil, which is not conducive to the storage of the oil. In addition, crude oil contains a large amount of water, which must be removed through the cooking oil refining process in order to prolong the storage time of the oil.

2. The color of refined cooking oil is better.

Crude cooking oil contains a variety of pigments and pigmentation, which is not transparent enough. After refining, the color of the cooking oil is better, transparent and clear. And the strange taste is removed, so it has more commercial value. In addition, the wax in the oil is sometimes removed during the refining process, therefore the refined cooking oil will be more translucent, avoiding the turbidity caused by the wax after the crude oil is placed for a period of time.

3.The flavor of refined cooking oil is better.

The deodorization process in the cooking oil refining can remove the peculiar smell of crude cooking oil and tend to meet the people's demand for edible oil. And the purity of refined refining oil enables oil to be used in high temperature process, such as frying, baking and other operations, and crude oil can be seen a lot of lampblack in the cooking process, so it can not be in high temperature cooking.

4. Some high economic value by-products are produced during the cooking oil refining process.

You may not know that some high economic value by-products are produced during the cooking oil refining process, which are used for some food industries and cooking oil further processing.

The process of removing gum of cooking oil can produce phospholipid, which is a kind of high value-added product, and can be used as an emulsifier and stabilizer in many foods.

The process of deodorization of cooking oil can produce tocopherol (vitamin E), which can be added to food as an antioxidant, delaying the oxidation process of food and extending the shelf life. Moreover, as a vitamin, it is also widely used in the fields of health care products and medicines.

Besides, palm oil production companies often extract palm oil into palm stearin and palm olein according to different melting point of them. The former is solid at room temperature, and the latter is liquid at room temperature, so that it can be used in the different processing scenarios in the future. [ Related reading: Palm oil fractionation plant ]

palm oil refining processVarious by-products from palm oil refining process

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