Seminar of palm oil refining technology hold in Henan Doing Company

Date:2018-12-10/ DOING News/ CHAT ONLINE

Last week, Henan Doing Company hosted a seminar on the theme of "New Energy Saving Technology and Equipment in Palm Oil Refining" in our company. More than 40 staffes participated in this highly professional event.

Henan Doing Company Henan Doing Company is holding the seminar of palm oil refining technology

"Stable production, high quality products, environmental protection, low cost and comfortable environment" is the basic demand of customers, and it is also the most concerned problem. Henan Doing Company engineer, Mr. Zhang kaiyu, made a speech on "Henan Doing Company palm oil extraction and refining core technology". Under the premise of guaranteeing the stable production, he shared ideas on improving product quality, reducing production cost and improving the level of palm oil refinery projects installation . He focused on new technology of palm oil refinery plant.

The quality and performance of the equipment are important factors to determine the stability of the production line and the quality of the products. Mr.Lei, head of R&D Center, talked about performance of the core equipment of preparation section and its actual use of the customer, such as, palm oil extraction machine, palm oil pressing machine, palm oil refining machine, palm kernel oil making machine, palm kernel oil refinery plant, etc. He also focuses on how to improve the processing efficiency of the equipment, how to operate efficiently and how to maintain the equipment.

The seminar included a thematic discussion session. Representatives from palm oil processing groups in the thematic discussion and put forward the key problems faced in palm oil refinery projects installation process, and discussed the solutions. This seminar is not only an exchange between palm oil refining engineers and sales , but also a thematic meeting to promote the development of palm oil refinery industry.

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