How much does it cost to start a palm oil refinery plant in Kenya?

Date:2022-02-25/ Industry News/ CHAT ONLINE

The cost of establishing a palm oil refinery plant is greatly related to your requirements. So before get the total amount of project cost, first you must think out a few questions:

1. How much palm oil do you plan to refine per day or per month?

2. What do you want to get, refined palm oil or fractionation palm oil?

3. Do you want to buy batch type, semi continuous or fully continuous palm oil refinery plant? 【Related reading: Cooking oil refining machine

palm oil refinery plantSmall scale palm oil refinery plant

When the questions above are confirmed well. Then, you need to learn about the factors that affect the cost of palm oil refinery plant.( Related reading: What is the total cost to set up a medium-scale palm oil refinery plant? )

Project preparation cost: Buy or rent land cost, Factory building cost, Palm oil refining machine cost, Equipment transportation cost
Project running cost: Buy raw material(palm oil) cost, Palm oil refinery plant operation cost, Labor cost, Energy consumption cost, Others.

This table above is just for reference, since the main cost of starting a palm oil refinery plant depends on the cost of palm oil refining equipment. If you want to get the exact palm oil refining machine cost, Henan Glory Company recommends that you'd better buy equipment from the professional cooking oil refining machine manufacturer. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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