Why palm oil need to be refined?

Date:2019-02-18/ Tech/ Chat online/ Technical support

Palm oil refining is very important process in the palm oil processing process, it refers to remove the harmful impurity from the crude palm oil,such as FFA( Free Fatty Acid) and other unwanted impurities, unwanted color and unwanted odor. After palm oil refining process, the refined palm oil is more easy to storage and have high value.

palm oil refining machine Palm oil refining machine can refine crude palm oil into rbd palm oil

In order to get rbd palm oil, there are 3 types palm oil refining machine can be choosed, they are: small scale batch type palm oil refining machine, semi-continuous palm oil refining machine and continuous palm oil refining machine.

Hope you can choose palm oil refining process to process your palm oil, and hope you can buy suitable palm oil refining machine to start your palm oil refining business.

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