How does refining affect the quality of palm oil?

Date:2022-12-14/ Industry News/ CHAT ONLINE

As we all know, crude palm oil has lots of impurities and dark colour, and the most important is that crude palm oil can not store for long time, because it will go rancid. So palm oil refining can remove the existence of impurities in crude palm oil, which not only improves the edible value of palm oil and storage safety, but also brings benefits to palm oil deep processing.

small palm oi refining equipmentDOING small batch type palm oil refining equipment

However, palm oil refining is not meaning all the "impurities" in the crude palm oil are removed, but will be harmful to food, storage, industrial production and other impurities removed, such as FFA, proteins, phospholipids, mucus, water and so on. While the beneficial "impurities", such as vitamin E and sterols, are retained. Therefore, according to the different requirements and uses, the unwanted and harmful impurities are removed from the crude palm oil to get the RBD palm oil that meets certain quality standards, which is the purpose of oil and grease refining.

palm oil refining processPalm oil refining process

Next, let us talk about how each process of crude palm oil refining influence the quality of palm oil.

1. Degumming removes the gum from the palm oil and makes the oil clearer.

2. De-acidification removes the free fatty acids from the palm oil to make the oil last longer.

3. Decolorization, which gives palm oil a better color.

4. Deodorization removes the odor from the palm oil and ensures the taste of the oil.

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