Is palm kernel oil production business profitable in Nigeria?

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Are you thinking of starting a production business in Nigeria that will give you a high return on your investment? If yes, then I would like to bring to your attention the immense profit making opportunity inherent in palm kernel oil production business in Nigeria.

1, Palm kernels are available throughout the year, no need to worry about the shortage of raw materials

As a kind of commercial crop, palm kernel has many business advantages. Palm kernels are available throughout the year simply because they are not seasonal unlike most other crops that only come seasonally. If you need this crop, you’ll find it all the time from January through December and that is what makes it a highly-profitable crop among others.

palm nuts and palm kernel Palm nuts and palm kernel

2, Nigeria's Domestic vegetable oil demand is big, market potential is big;

Vegetable oil is consumed every day, as the population increases so also the rate of consumption. As one of the more popular vegetable oils in the region, palm kernel oil is of course the main choice of consumers. Meanwhile, in the face of the insufficiency of the production quantity of vegetable oil, developing palm kernel oil production business has become a good project to make money.

palm kernel oilPalm kernel oil

3, The Federal Government issued a ban on the importation of vegetable oil into the country to encourage local production and marketing of vegetable oil in the country.

The present production level of Vegetable Oil in Nigeria cannot meet the ever-increasing demands of Nigerians for high quality vegetable oil. Recently, a ban has been placed on the Importation of Vegetable Oil into the country by the federal government with the aim of encouraging local production and marketing of vegetable oil in the country.

The ban placed by the Federal Government on the importation of vegetable oil into the country has helped to quicken the sales of the product. This also has widened the space for investors to invest. So more investors are encouraged to take up cooking oil production business, like palm oil production business, palm kernel oil production business, groundnut oil production business soybean oil production business or others, these businesses not only to satisfy demand but also to create employment for thousands of people.

4, The machines and equipment needed for the production of palm kernel oil is readily available locally and easy to install and maintain.

If you want to look for a reliable palm kernel oil production machine supplier, Henan Glory Company may be a good choice.

Firstly, this company has helped many clients successfully set up edible oil mill plant projects in Nigeria local, who has accumulated rich experience in the installation of projects.

Secondly, this company has overseas warehouse and office in Lagos, Nigeria, people can visit their warehouse to check the equipment to decided to whether to buy.

Thirdly, they have their own R&D team, their own engineers team, their engineers can design the most suitable cooking oil production solutions to meet your diverse needs.[ Recommend reading: A variety of palm kernel oil processing equipment purchase scheme ]

palm kernel oil making machine Small scale palm kernel oil making machine

Fourthly, they have their own manufacturing factory, all the equipment used in palm kernel oil production process are produced by them. So they can sell the equipment at factory price, it can help customers save money on equipment.

Fifthly, they have a perfect pre-sale, sale, after sale service, can help customers effectively solve the problems of each link, Like: they provide corresponding services to support customers to know the equipment production status at any time, support customers to visit the factory online at any time.

Henan Glory Company can suplly perfect pre-sale, sale, after sale service for customers

If you haven't worked with them before, consider it.

5, The economics of the palm kernel oil production business are particularly impressive;

Palm kernel is a high oil content crop, most palm kernels have an oil content between 50-55%. In general, one tone of palm kernel produces an average of 460kg of palm kernel oil, 540Kg of palm kernel cake. Since local palm kernel, palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake prices are readily available, it is easy to calculate your daily profit, which I believe should be quite objective.

Through this post I believe you must have gotten some important information that will help you start and own a profitable palm kernel oil production business in Nigeria.

If you need more information about this project, please don’t hesitate to contact me because Henan Glory Company can provide you a series of useful guides that will aid you to quickly start and make profit from p oil production business.

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Launching a palm kernel oil production business in Nigeria literally entails some special skills. You’ll also need certain steps to follow in order to run this business profitably in Nigeria. Here are the basic steps to follow while preparing to start a palm kernel oil production business in Nigeria:

1, Learn the special skills required

2, Do some thorough market research to learn more how demanding the product has been so far

3, Draw a brilliant plan for the business

4, Choose a suitable business name and register that with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

5, Raise the capital

6, Get a marketable business location

7, Get a practicing license

8, Employ some people

9, Test the quality and acceptance rate of your product in market

10, Create a personal business website

11, Promote and market your business website


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