How many budget is needed to start a palm oil processing business in Nigeria?

Date:2022-07-08/ Industry News/ CHAT ONLINE

With the Nigerian government is working hard to develop large-scale production of palm oil and develop supply chains for roads, energy, water and service terminals, more and more people want to start palm oil processing business in Nigeria. So how many budget is needed to start a palm oil processing business in Nigeria?

palm oil processing business costCost to start a palm oil processing business in Nigeria

Referring to the budget of starting a palm oil processing business in Nigeria, there are rent palm oil processing factory cost, buy equipment cost and acquire certification cost. As the cost will vary greatly from region to region, the following data is for reference only.

1, Cost of renting palm oil processing factory

This is a very important step to consider when starting this business. You must consider two things before choosing your business location. These factors include:

● Proximity to source of raw materials

● Proximity to market

Ensure that there is an accessible route to your production site. Also, you need to make sure that the production site is suitable for the kind of business you want to do. For example, the processing of palm oil requires lots of water. The production site should have access to water that you need daily.

palm oil processing factoryPalm oil processing factory cost

If you want to start a large business, generally 80m² factory is needed. The budget to rent a palm oil processing factory is about $735 per month. If you have a little budget and want to start a processing business, you can start palm oil processing business with a small capital, It had better find an unused room at home and separate it out to be the workshop, so that you can save a lot of money.

2. Cost of buying palm oil processing equipment

As we all know, to go into this business commercially, you must buy some required palm oil processing machines. Next I will tell you the prices of some of the most popular machines in the market. Check for the ones you need and invest in them.

■ Energy saving easy operation mini palm oil press machine– About 1500USD;

■ High separating rate palm fruit thresher machine– About 2500USD;

■ Mini palm oil processing machine(Simple type palm oil press production line)– About 8000USD;

■ Multifunctional commercial use whole set palm oil processing machines – The price is relatively high, It can reach more than $100,000

■ Large scale whole set palm oil processing machines – It is best to negotiate with the supplier.

palm oil processing machineLarge scale palm oil processing machine and processing process

If you have a little budget and want to start a palm oil processing business, you can consider to buy one mini palm oil press machine and other process can be achieved by manual operation. As mentioned above, the investment cost of this option is the lowest.

3, Cost of acquiring certification

To ensure the smooth development of palm oil processing business, investor still needs to go to local related department deals with some related management certificates such as business license of industry and commerce, wholesome license, etc. Cost about $150.

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