Ugandan customer bought one set 30tpd palm oil refining machine from Doing

Date:2019-11-27/ DOING News/ CHAT ONLINE

After 2 months of communication and negotiation, the Ugandan customer finally choose to buy 30tpd palm oil refining machine from Henan Doing Company. Unlike previous palm oil refinery plant projects, this time we don't need to provide all the machines of 30tpd palm oil refinery plant, we only provide part of machines of 30tpd palm oil refinery plant, it is deacidification and deodorization tower.

palm oil refining machineHenan Doing Company received the deposit of 30tpd palm oil refinery plant of Ugandan customer

Why is there a customer who raise such a strange request? Do you want to know the detailed information about this palm oil refinery plant project? Please read on.

Our customer told us he already own a 30tpd batch type palm oil refinery plant, but the chemical refining consumption is too big, and the deodorization effect is also not very good, so he want to upgrade and transform batch type palm oil refining machine into physical semi-continuous refining machine. At present, all his machines are working properly, he don't want to replace all the machines, but he want to save refining cost.

Due to this Ugandan custome has been in the palm oil refining business for many years, so he has a certain understanding of the refining process. He wants to add only a deacidification & deodorization tower to realize his purpose. So he begain to send enquiries to different palm oil refining machine manufacturers all over the world. After a long investigation, he finally choose to cooperate with Doing.

palm oil reifnery plant Henan Doing Company received the deposit of Uganda 30tpd palm oil refinery plant

Each customer's actual situation is different. After learned the actual situation of Ugandan customer, we fully understand him. After confirmation of various information, our engineers told him, we can do it. In order to design a more reasonable plant plan, equipment layout plan and palm oil refining process plan. Our palm oil refining machine engineers made a request to the customer whether they could go to the site to check the specific situation of the project. Customers also understand this and actively arrange for our engineers' airfare and accommodation. According to the agreement, our engineers also arrived at the customer's factory on time. The following are some of the photos taken by our engineers on site.

[Remarks: We generally only provide indoor equipment. For pipeline connection in outdoor public areas, it is necessary to measure and inspect according to the customer's actual situation before designing drawings.]

palm oil refinery plant Our palm oil refining engineers are measuring and recording various data in Ugandan customer's factory

By reading this article, I believe that you have a new understanding of DOING Company. If you want to know more palm oil refinery plant projects, please follow us, we will update the specific situation of projects in different countries irregularly.

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